mWine wine in a can


The most important is always hidden under the surface and therefore also our cans contain only the best from the Slovak vineyards.

We select only the best wine sorts from the renowned suppliers.

Once you taste it, you won’t want any other.


Our 0.25l can is a convenient, durable and light package, which fits every purse, or suit easily.
Perfectly protects your drink, cools down quickly and you don’t need even a glass to enjoy it.

It can sneak to any wild party, pool, mountain summits, BBQ or girl night or romantic date. It can be a perfect vacation company or a great present.

You too will enjoy a lot of fun with our can.


Recyclable cans mean much smaller waste volumes and environmental burden.
They have much smaller carbon footprint than traditional PET or glass bottles.

When not handled properly a can will decompose in the nature 5-10x faster than plastics and up to 200x faster than glass. Dramatically decrease packaging volumes and their logistic is up to 50% more effective that bottles.

WE think Ecologically!


The 0.25l volume is practical not only by its size, but also content that feeds you well. Is light, storable and chills easily.

Keep in mind though. One is never enough when with friends.

We trust that our fresh design will decorate every important occasion, or will become a valuable present.

Cans are infinitely recyclable

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Cans chill faster

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Cans are much lighter than glass

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Cans boost shipping efficiency by nearly 50%

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Cans eliminate degradation from light and axygen

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Cans go where glass cannot

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Cans are much safer and more durable

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Cans cut on packaging and


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